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Since its inception, Dry Ice International has been the supplier of choice for South African customers in need of premium dry ice solutions. This is because we’ve earned a solid reputation among our many customers by consistently meeting their needs with food-grade dry ice and polystyrene containers that are high quality.

We have swiftly become Africa’s trusted leader in dry ice production, distribution, and blasting due to our convenient national shipping that ensures our dry ice products last longer than others.

Since its inception in 1994, Dry Ice International has become a leader in the business of distributing a wide selection of dry ice products and polystyrene containers that are sufficient to meet a broad range of applications. If you’re looking for dry ice for sale in Cape Town, we can service your needs.

The Ideal Way to Keep Things Cold

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Uses for dry ice are many, ranging from dry ice blast cleaning in heavy industrial environments, to providing temporary refrigeration when no other methods are available.

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The Ideal Way to Keep Things Cold

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The capacity of dry ice to keep temperatures low is the primary reason for its widespread use. In the event that there is an unanticipated or scheduled power outage, this is the most effective method for maintaining a cold temperature for items that have been sealed in a container and stored in a refrigerator or freezer. This is particularly relevant in Africa, where power outages are a frequent occurrence.

Not only is dry ice useful in times of crisis, but it also has a broad range of other applications. It is an excellent method for maintaining the temperature of your perishable cargo while it is in transit.

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The Mother City, which is home to one of the largest ports in all of Africa, is visited by a never-ending procession of ships carrying goods from all corners of the world. The harbour in Cape Town is also the departure point for a significant portion of South Africa’s exported commodities.

When shipping perishables, using dry ice is an efficient and fail-safe way to maintain their freshness until they can be consumed.


Cleaning with Dry Ice

There are many warehouses and other industrial facilities in need of regular cleaning in Cape Town. The city’s active port means that standard cleaning procedures are sometimes insufficient.

The convenience of dry ice blasting means you can easily maintain a spotless workplace in Cape Town.

Dry ice blasting is a lot like sandblasting, except it uses Dry Ice pellets instead of sand and is also a non-abrasive cleaner. These pellets are more effective than sandblasting in many cleaning situations because they eliminate all traces of dirt and grime without leaving behind a sticky residue that would otherwise attract dust. The Dry Ice technique is more hygienic and less harmful to the environment since it does not leave behind any residue.

Dry ice blasting may be used to clean a wide variety of industrial equipment in Cape Town, including electric motors, electrical panels, and generators.


The Perfect Solution for Events

Dry ice allows events to go off without a hitch, relieving stress for event organisers. Cape Town has some of the most beautiful places to hold events in the world. This is a smart way to keep a wine collection at the right temperature without having to restock it often.

Dry ice can also be used at functions in Cape Town to create that extra special effect, from a low lying cloud to dance in or for cocktails it will surely wow your guests.

Dry ice has many uses beyond just keeping refreshments cold, and some talented artists have even figured out how to create sculptures out of the commodity itself. Consider making use of dry ice if you are organising an event in Cape Town and are looking for a means to make it stand out from the crowd in a manner that is both memorable and distinctive from other events of its kind.

When it comes to supplying our clients with dry ice products, Dry Ice International is always prepared to provide a helping hand.

We offer a wide variety of dry ice products, you can place an order by visiting our online store, giving us a call, or sending us an email.

Is dry ice hazardous to people?

When following the instructions, absolutely not, and it is also safe for pets. Carbon dioxide, which is used to make dry ice, is not dangerous unless it is used in a poorly ventilated area. It should cause no risk when used for the purpose it was created for, and in containers or for cleaning. Keep in mind that Dry ice is should never be consumed.

How long will dry ice last?

It depends on the intended usage and storage of the dry ice. If you use it outside in the open air, you can expect it to last between 18 and 24 hours, but if you use it within an enclosed cooler box, you can expect it to last between 3 and 5 days.

What does dry ice consist of?

Solid carbon dioxide is used to make dry ice. It is remarkable in that it does not undergo a liquid phase as it begins to disintegrate. Dry ice transforms directly from a solid to a gas, which makes it ideal for blasting since the result dissipates without lingering.

What is dry ice actually used for?

Dry ice has several applications and is used in almost every sector, including agriculture, engineering, manufacturing, the hunting and fishing industry, and even the leisure industry.