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Going on holiday? Dry ice can help!




It’s the holiday season! Many of us are preparing to head out, whether locally or abroad. South Africans love their 4×4 trips and bush adventures – there’s nothing quite like packing the family up in the car and going into the wild, away from the city for a while. Relaxation!

The biggest challenge in trips like that, though, is how to keep things cool long enough. Meat, perishables and drinks need to be insulated and surrounded with water ice packs, and they generally last a day or so. There’s an easier way, though!

Dry ice is much colder than water ice, at -78.5°C (compared to 0°C for water ice). As it warms, it doesn’t melt; it sublimates, meaning it turns directly from a solid to a gas. No water, no spilling, no fuss! It’s the easy way to make sure that your supplies stay frozen or cold without having to worry about water pooling in your cooler bags and sloshing around in your car.

Because dry ice is so much colder than water ice, you need a lot less of it, too. This means more space in your bags for your supplies, and as an added bonus, less weight in your car – saving you fuel on long-haul trips! It’s an ideal solution.

Dry Ice International has supplied dry ice to families and groups going on holiday for decades. Because of this, we know how best to pack cooler boxes according to what the contents are, as well as how much dry ice you’ll need for the duration of your holiday. Our Dry Ice 4Leisure page has more info on how it works, as well as an e-brochure that you can download to help you pack.

If you have any questions about dry ice, how to handle it or to place your orders, please contact us. Make sure to check our FAQ page too! Remember, Dry Ice International delivers dry ice to your doorstep with our convenient nationwide delivery service – see our Dry Ice @Your Doorstep page for more information.