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Furthermore, Dry Ice International has more than fifteen years of experience in the area of dry ice blast cleaning in a diverse range of industries such as mining, car and tyre manufacturing, rail, printing, plastics production, substation disaster recovery and electrical generation, transmission and distribution. We use a wide range of dry ice blasting machines. Free consultations are available to determine your specific needs to choose the right machine, nozzle and compressor. In addition, dry ice pellets are manufactured in various sizes to the highest standards in the world.

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Dry Ice International specialises in the manufacturing and distribution of dry ice in different shapes and sizes. Deliveries are done nationwide or cross-border by a well established in-house fleet, or in collaboration with a courier service on a 24 hour, 7 days a week, 365 days a year basis.
The dry ice product range currently available has been developed with more than twenty years of production and distribution experience. Various advanced packaging- and storage-related product extensions have been successfully developed to extend the shelf life of dry ice for special purposes.
Dry ice is specifically supplied to the engineering industry for shrinking of steel shafts to fit bearings. We also pride ourselves to be experts in cleaning high-power generators and electric motors, by focusing on the stators and rotors without damaging the delicate equipment.
We at Dry Ice International have relied on our extensive experience in the dry ice blast cleaning arena to develop an in-house dry ice blast cleaning machine, tailored specifically for the harsh climate and working conditions on mines in Africa. The result is the Brilliant Blaster and the Brilliant Blaster Mini.
Over the course of four years, this blast cleaning machine has been developed by a South African team consisting of highly skilled mechanical engineers and artisans, in conjunction with dry ice blast cleaning operators to incorporate their practical experience in the field. The final product is virtually maintenance free and does not require any electrical supply to operate.
We have services all metros including - Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban , Port Elizabeth.
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Here at Dry Ice International we offer the best dry ice products on the market at a competitive price. There are products available for every occasion you could imagine. As a one of the leading dry ice suppliers in Johannesburg, we make sure that delivery is fast when you buy dry ice from us. Dry Ice purchases can be collected from an outlet near you in Durban, Cape Town and other cities in various provinces across the country.
Besides being one of the best dry ice distributors and manufacturers on the continent of Africa, we are known as reliable company who puts customers satisfaction at the top of our priority list. Since Dry Ice International came to existence in 1994, we have made more than 25 000 dry ice deliveries. We continue to expand our reach with outlets in Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town.
The History of Dry Ice
First a scientific discovery, now a household item Dry ice was discovered by the French inventor, Adrien – Jean – Pierre Thilorier in 1835. At first, he thought what he saw was snow, but later it was clarified that it was in fact solidified carbon dioxide. The discovery is thought to have been accidental while Thilorier was working on an experiment. He worked at a post office in Paris and is the same man who also invented an oil lamp and gas compressor. Charles – Saint – Ange Thilorier was initially believed to be the “Thilorier” who made the discovery of dry ice. However, this confusion was cleared up in an article which was published in 1952.
The Most Common Dry Ice Uses: There are countless uses for dry ice. Some are rather creative, while others are much more essential and practical for certain industries. In stage productions, dry ice pellets can be used in hot water to create a flowing fog effect.
Chefs often combine dry ice into the presentation of their dishes to turn an ordinary meal into an impressive work of art. Many hunters put dry ice blocks in cooler boxes to keep meat fresh on hunting trips that last a few days in the field without being able to refrigerate meat.
Fishermen in towns such as Port Elizabeth rely on dry ice to keep bait fresh, especially on sunny days out in the ocean or perhaps on shore. Industries which rely a lot on the use of dry ice is mechanical, as well as civil engineering.
Unforeseen events such as natural disasters have the potential to cost companies thousands. Business owners often face a cooling crisis during power outages too. In times that load-shedding is a common occurrence, the Dry Ice International team has the perfect solution to keep produce fresh in the most cost-efficient way. Whether you are located in Kempton Park, Centurion, or perhaps near Cape Town, we know it’s urgent and will do all we can to ensure that our network of dry ice delivery reaches you with the dry ice block or pellets as soon as possible.
We Offer Free Dry Ice Delivery
Our clients are valuable to us and that is why we offer free dry ice delivery services throughout South Africa and neighbouring countries to ensure that they are satisfied with our standards. You can count on us 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week, as we have an emergency number for circumstances which are beyond your control. For those who are not sure where to buy dry ice in Johannesburg, Dry Ice International is the answer. You can request a quote for the dry ice cost before proceeding with any transaction on our website store.
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Our online shop makes dry ice shopping a fast and convenient process. Within minutes you can determine exactly what type of dry ice you need and how much of it you will need for the indented purpose and duration of the event. You can also choose to make a payment to Dry Ice International online without having to wait in line for a cashier.
Many of our clients are not in a position to collect dry ice from the store and therefore it is essential for them to know exactly when to expect the delivery and know just what they will be getting when it arrives at their doorstep. It is easy to order dry ice blocks online from anywhere in the world. We offer SSL secured online payment services. The payment options available when making an online dry ice purchase from Dr Ice International include MasterCard, Visa and PayFast. There are guidelines as to how much dry ice you will need depending on your specific requirements. You can trust the quantities we recommend when ordering online. In some instances, dry ice blocks are the best option, while dry ice pebbles work better for certain events or to create desired effects. The blocks are the most popular product and our best seller.
Dry ice blocks are usually preferred when large amounts are required for hunting trips, road trips and in the engineering field. For creative and decorative uses, dry ice pebbles might be more effective to get the desired outcome. Caterers who use dry ice in drinks or deserts make use of pebbles when looking for a way to create a slight fog or smoke effect in the drink or in the plate.
Where to Buy Dry Ice in South Africa:
Contact Dry Ice International today if you are looking for dry ice for sale in South Africa at an affordable price. Your purchase will be processed and ready for collection or delivery within record time. We will help you to locate an outlet near you, especially if you prefer to collect your purchase in store. To find out more about our dry ice products and prices, don’t hesitate to phone one of our consultants with the enquiry.
Our knowledgeable team will assist you with the friendly and professional service our dry ice company has always been known for.