Going on holiday? Dry ice can help!
Sep 19, 2022
Disaster? Emergency? Dry ice to the rescue!
Sep 19, 2022
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Dry Ice International – North Glen News


There are so many ways to keep chilled with Dry Ice International.

Dry Ice is used in various consumer leisure segments. Dry ice lasts longer than regular ice so it is the perfect solution for a variety of cooling needs both in and outdoors, in the home, entertainment industry or even for logistics.

The versatility of dry ice is endless and a life-saver in emergencies, especially power outages where dry ice packed into the freezer will keep food frozen for longer.

Cooling for the great outdoors

Dry ice is ideal for fishing as it makes it possible to keep fish or bait fresh for a couple of days when out on the open sea. You can also use dry ice for hunting, hiking safaris and camping trips. 15kg of dry ice in a 40 litre cooler box will keep items  frozen for up to 7 days. Dry Ice International recently sponsored the Durban Ski Boat Club’s annual inter-club competition.


There are myriad of uses for dry ice in the entertainment and creative industries. For instance, with the use of a Dry Ice International’s brilliant smoker and dry ice you can create smoke and  the illusion of “dancing on clouds” which is a winner at weddings and performances.

Dry Ice International

Corporate responsibility

Ice cream vendors form an integral part of the company’s clientele. As part of its corporate responsibility, Dry Ice International launched a vendor initiative with a primary focus on upliftment. Many of the vendors do not have the financial resources to upgrade their equipment. Dry Ice international recognizes that ice cream vendors are individual entrepreneurs and have therefore put this initiative in place to provide the vendors with various products for better visibility enabling them to provide a better service to their clients.

Dry Ice International

24 years

Dry Ice International has three manufacturing plants that have manufactured, supplied  and distributed dry ice to South Africa and neighbouring countries for more than 24 years. Due to growth, the company recently upgraded its Durban manufacturing plant in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

The team in Durban has more than 60 years combined experience and knowledge of dry ice manufacturing, application use and dry ice blasting.  Its plant machinery is the best Swiss technology available in the industry. The upgrade also included the installation of the ASCO dry ice pelletizer.

Dry Ice International  produces and manufactures 300kg of dry ice per hour, this is more than 12 tons of dry ice per day.  There is also a dedicated dry ice blasting team that operates throughout the KZN region. Dry ice blasting is a dry-cleaning process that is utilized to clean various machinery in different industries. There is no moisture reside, making for little down time and more efficient cleaning process.

For more information on dry ice blasting visit  www.dryiceblasting.co.za

For your convenience dry ice can be ordered online at www.dryiceeshop.co.za and delivered to your doorstep, or call cell 083 375 6627 or Tel 031 569 6209. Don’t forget to  follow them on Facebook – Dry Ice International – South Africa